Our Plans for the week

meal plans for the week

Traditional Menu

Basic but Caring

Traditional meal

With this menu you will feel the warmth of home. We dedicate our effort to offer you a balanced menu with lots of flavor, so you can enjoy good food day by day. We use traditional ingredients but adjusted to a balanced meal.



Healthy Menu


special/DIET meal

We have designed this plan to allow you to lose weight and dedicate a healthy and enjoyable meal to your body. We help and support you on your way to balance your body while taking care of your mind.



Low Carb Menu


protein-rich whole MEAL

One of the most important benefits of the low-carbohydrate diet is the recovery of your real hunger, reducing food cravings.

Diet based in: Meat, fish, eggs, certain nuts, certain vegetables, some fruits. Oils, fats and seasonings without carbohydrates.


Meal Plans to be delivered on December 3, 2021

Why to be an Ekacoslover?

Here are several reasons why you should consider becoming an ekacoslover. Once you try our meals plans for the week, you’ll want us to share your table day after day.

Save Time

By not having to cook, do the dishes and go shopping, you gain time to invest in a hobby or activity that you have put aside.

Save Money

You don’t spend more money than you need to on your daily meals. For only $9,99, you get a healthy and delicious dish on your table.

No food wasted

We serve our meal dishes in individual containers so you don’t waste food.

Control the calories you eat

Our exchange system helps you maintain a balanced balance of nutrients and calories. Our plates are perfectly calibrated so you don’t have to worry about recipes.

Grocery shopping

Receive our meals already cooked and forget about buying the ingredients of your dishes.

Uncontrolled eating

By receiving one meal a day you don’t have to worry if you are eating the right food, with just this one ration you will be following a correct and balanced diet.

No energy waste

You will replace a lot of hours of cooking and oven time with less than 5 minutes of microwaving.

We cook for you

You don’t have to cook every day or dedicate your weekend to batch cooking, we do it for you.

Monthly Subscription

Subscribe to our plans the whole month and we will be part of your daily life. 

You will received our weekly meal plan by email and your delivery every Sunday.

Ekacos lover Basic Meal Plan Subscription 2021

Our healthy eating plan is designed for people who are at their ideal weight and want to maintain their figure while eating healthy. A healthy menu prepared from a combination of our selection of prepared dishes, both light and traditional, the latter without caloric restrictions.


meal/20 meals


A menu aimed at anyone who either wants a low calorie diet or to adapt their meals to cover any medical condition (diabetes, celiac disease, among others). Our team will contact you to go over the required details.



meal/20 meals


If you are looking to lose weight but do not want to give up a healthy and balanced meal, we put at your disposal our menus low in carbohydrates. Try it and you will find a new way of eating.


meal/20 meals