Experience great food on a grand scale every day, without having to wait until the weekend or for a special celebration. 



At Ekacos Foods, we believe that you deserve a culinary experience filled with delicious food that reminds you of home. Our food is made with passion and love while providing you with the nutrition you need. We have designed a menu tailored to the most demanding palate, whether you are a vegetarian, looking for gluten-free options, or just want to eat healthier, we have the perfect option for you!

Our mission is not only to entice our customers with delicious and healthy dishes, but we also wish to make your life easier. That said, we have created a solution that will allow you to receive nutritious meals wherever you are without having to spend countless hours in the kitchen.

Visit our website https://ekacosfoods.com/, where you can select the best meal plan to suit your needs. At Ekacos Foods, we also offer:

Ready-to-refrigerate food, made with ZERO preservatives.

Meal plans that are specifically designed for you with guidance from expert nutritionists.

Catering options for anywhere from 10-200 guests.

Free local delivery to surrounding areas (we provide contactless delivery when requested)

We are serv-safe certified.

Today, through a special partnership with the HCCMO, we are offering members a 15% discount on any meal plan when using the code: HCCMO15 (valid until April 30).

Our meals are delectable, and our service will make you fall in love.